Night Brunch

LUCY (any pronouns) is an undead monster of ambiguous origins made up of assorted corpse bits a la frankensteins monster. shes kind of an edgy emo bitch but shes also literally dead and like has no memory going further back than a few months ago so she gets a pass. shes the lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist of “the friendly fears”. shes still working out what she likes and how she sees herself and how to like navigate this newfound personhood considering What she is.

WOLFGIRL (she/they) is a wolfgirl, but not strictly speaking a wolf nor a girl. theyre the bands drummer and the grounded, slightly grumpy voice of reason of their friendgroup. they habitually bingewatch anime and vtuber streams “in an ironic way” and have a (not that secret) secret cosplay hobby. they Do Not want to talk about their feelings or their past or their birthday or their favorite color thank you very much.

WILHELM SCREEM (he/him) is a ~200 yr old vampire thotty who has spent the majority of that time picking up as many instruments as possible. hes quirky, very social, a little manic, knows intimately the difference between hyperpop and weirdcore and Will elaborate on that. the band was naturally his idea, after having tried to warm wg up to the idea for years before lucy came around and made it two against one. lost a nipple to botched top surgery in 1912 and impulse-bleaches his hair more than is ideal for someone with two roommates and one small bathroom.

GEORGINA "GEORGIE" WEAVER (she/her) is the owner, manager, and occasional bartender at “georgie’s”, a bar that serves mainly fellow monsters, conveniently located downstairs from the main trio’s apartment. no one actually knows What she is but they also know better than to ask. classically beautiful and very fucking deadly. she has a deeply romantic heart and a soft spot for hopeless cases.

YASMINE YASDVIGA (she/her) is a “doctor” (its unclear what her doctorate is actually in, or if it even exists) and a freelance witch, specializing in doing the shit that the others wont touch, for the right price. shes a frequent patron at georgie’s. as in she is there like every night. severely in need of a life and maybe some friends she hasnt managed to piss off (intentionally or unintentionally) yet but is incapable of stomaching any kind of vulnerability or intimacy when shes not drunk or stoned.

Crescher Crescher Monster Form

DR CRESCHER (they/them) is an alchemist rocking that classic “mad scientist who experimented on themself and now occasionally undergoes a monstrous transformation” lifestyle. specifically, they turn into some kinda non euclidean lizard beast whenever their stress levels get too high. and they dont have the best history of coping with stress to begin with. goggles wearing nerd, bit of a bastard. mildly germophobic and deeply in need of a nap.

DR SINTA SILLICA (she/her) is a researcher, crescher’s assistant at the start, partner in lab and life later on. she is both smart and lowkey crazy enough to match dr c beat for beat, but isnt quite as obvious about it. she has a hard time expressing herself and tends to come off as unremarkable at best, cold and distant at worst. she admires crescher for the passion and brilliance she sees behind the persona, and crescher in turn sees her for who she is, for the feelings she struggles to show. sinta is reliable to the point of neglecting her own needs, and terribly, unfortunately attracted to anyone whose Issues help her forget about her own.

Peer Pressure

DESDEMONA "DES" DEVILLE (she/her) is a teenage demon girly. kicked out of her fancy private demon academy for various acts of mischief and mayhem to the point that even a school for literal demons couldn’t take it anymore, she now attends a public school with a mix of fellow monstrous, supernatural, or otherwise abnormal students. she takes pride in her rebellious nature but is starting to sweat under the disapproval of her father and “perfect” big sister.

ANGELIQUE HARMONY (she/her) is a teenage angel girly. kicked out of her fancy private angel academy after taking the fall for another students misdeeds. she is sweet and kind and more than a little (unintentionally) condescending in her self righteousness. she befriended des on her first day of her new school in hopes that redeeming the seemingly irredeemable demon would get her reinstated at the academy. unbeknownst to her, des was thinking the same thing. theyre best frenemies 5evr!

HELLENA DEVILLE (she/her) is des’ older sister, an ambitious absolute monster of a demon. destined from birth to inherit the family business, hellena embodies an air of cold professionalism in every aspect of her life. gucci to the core. shes in her senior year at the academiae infernalis and has an on-again off-again relationship with an underachieving demon boy from an equally influential family.

SADISME "SADIE" DEVILLE (she/her) is des’ younger sister, a middle schooler with an infatuation in all things cute and sparkly. despite having little interest in the usual demonic pursuits of torment and vice, she is already a skilled manipulator. her cutesy appearance disarms and endears (almost) everyone she encounters and as a result shes used to being doted on. absolutely does numbers on monster tiktok.